At Aspire we place a major emphasis on the educational components of training, using methods functional to each individuals needs and abilities using science, creativity and innovation – giving you an experience, not just a training session!

We build a fitness community inspiring people to inspire others, breathing passion for the field through fun and play, to allow our members, athletes and friends to achieve greatness and success in life.

The team at Aspire is solely dedicated to helping you maximize your potential and provide you with the tools you need to perform at your highest level.

Aspire personalized training structure:

Achieve tangible results (goal achievement)
Improve performance (career productivity)
Decrease injury potential (career longevity)
Motivate through education (strategies for success)

Aspire completes individual personalised fitness assessments and movement screens, allowing us to assess our clients imbalances and weaknesses in order to develop a strategic plan to correct, improve and enhance all aspects of movement, performance and energy management.

Aspire facilities offers you 8500 sq ft of PURE MOTIVATION!

• Simulated Altitude Chamber
• 2500 sq ft Personal Training Gym
• Technogym Cardio and Strength Equipment
• Spacious Men’s and Ladies Change rooms
• Indoor Group Training Studio
• Rooftop Outdoor Gym for private training and CrossFit Bangkok
• Climbing Ropes, Cargo Ropes, TRX, Battleropes, Kinesis, Kettlebells, Sandbags, Monkey bars & more!

For more information about personalised Aspire programmes or to get an assessment done today – please contact Jacinta Barrett.

The Aspire Club – Personal Trainer
P: (+66) 09 8432 0590